Slater - Marietta Fire Department
Marietta , South Carolina
Est. 1958

The Slater-Marietta Fire Department was established in 1958, which served the Slater Mill area as a volunteer Department. The first fire truck was purchase by Dr. A.P. Duff, Tommy Adkins, Gaither Laws, and Dr, Charles Barnett, and donated to the fire department, the truck was a 1928 American LaFrance. On May 8, 1968, the taxpayers agreed and voted to create a fire district by the act 1170 by the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina, serving the Slater-Marietta area. On October 7, 1968, the Slater-Marietta Fire District purchased a new pumper Engine 1 (one) that is still in service. Currently the Slater-Marietta Fire district covers 120 square miles with three fire stations that house, five pumpers, two service trucks, one tanker, one ladder truck, one special operations unit, and one station pickup. At this time there is one paid employee, with several paid part timers. There is twenty four hour coverage from Monday thru Friday, and is still volunteer coverage on the weekends. Currently there are thirty five firefighters and five support personnel. We also have a fire explorer program thru the Boy Scouts of America with a roster of ten.

The Slater-Marietta Fire Department currently responds to approximately 700 to 800 calls per year.


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